Get Your Ironman 4x4 Lift Kit for Your Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner - 25% OFF This Month!

Get Your Ironman 4x4 Lift Kit for Your Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner - 25% OFF This Month!
25% OFF a Lift Kit for Your Tacoma or 4Runner at Ironman 4x4 Colorado

Urban Motors wants to help you get your Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner ready for the most rugged adventure you have in mind in the Rocky Mountains or throughout Colorado. This is where Ironman 4x4 parts sold by us at Ironman 4x4 Colorado in Urban Motors Blue come in. Being a leading provider of after-market parts for vehicles such as the two Toyota off-roaders, there are plenty of lift kit components that are built to fit your vehicle and improve the ride you experience. When you shop during the month of October, you also get 25% off your lift kit purchase! Stop into our Denver Metro location today and find out how we can help you order the lift kit parts you need to work with your specific Tacoma or 4Runner.

Examples of Lift Kits That You Can Order at Ironman 4x4 Colorado in Urban Motors Blue


This lift kit is designed to work best with any Toyota 4Runner newer than a 2009 model year version. Using innovative Foam Cell technology, this kit greatly smooths out the ride by elevating the performance of the vehicle’s shocks. The special foam greatly reduces the maximum temperature of the shocks, as well as improves thermal circulation to provide the best functioning scenario for your vehicle’s suspension. As such, you can confidently take on the most demanding terrain available in Colorado knowing your vehicle is actively taking the impacts favorably.


This suspension lift kit is an incredibly versatile option as it can be installed on Toyota Tacoma models starting from the 2005 model year up until modern versions. You’ll get approximately two inches of extra ground clearance by installing this lift kit onto your Tacoma. By using nitrogen gas, the shocks have reduced fade to improve the overall ride smoothness and consistency of your Tacoma when taking it out for an excursion around the Rocky Mountains or elsewhere in the Front Range. 


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