Urban Motors Buying Process - Personalized Just For You!

Urban Motors Buying Process - Personalized Just For You!
You Only Deal With One Person During the Entire Urban Motors Buying Process!

Shop for a Quality Vehicle in the Denver Metro Region Today

Are you tired of shopping with conventional car dealerships and want a different way to shop for a quality pre-owned vehicle? At the Urban Motor trio of stores across the Denver area, we make shopping for a vehicle that you will love a satisfying experience from start to finish. When you visit or contact one of our locations, we ensure that your needs are met and you have a personalized shopping process. Want advantages such as no dealer free attached to your vehicle purchase? You get that and so much more with Urban Motors in Colorado!

Shopping With Urban Motors for A Fantastic Pre-Owned Vehicle

Getting Started - Have you already picked out a dream vehicle you found at one of our lots or on our website? Whether you are looking for an efficient sedan, a family-ready SUV, or a powerful, lifted truck, our impressive inventory has an excellent selection for you to choose from.  When you start shopping with us, you get to work with a single sales professional who will guide you throughout the process. This includes getting you your preferred vehicle's CARFAX history and the results of the 105-point inspection that we do on every gently used vehicle we sell. Suppose you are shopping with us from out of state. In that case, we are always happy to supply high-quality photos of the vehicle you are interested in so that you get a complete view of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. For those who can visit our convenient locations, we encourage you to take a vehicle out for a test drive and to have your own trusted mechanic do a pre-purchase evaluation before you buy!  At Urban Motors, we want you to have peace of mind that your new-to-you vehicle is exactly what you expect.

Buying Protection Plans & Extra Accessories - Once you have found that ideal vehicle and completed the financing process, you might want to add on protection plans and other extra accessories that we offer. We can easily incorporate these into your monthly payments if you want a plan without paying upfront. We want you to be satisfied with your pre-owned vehicle purchase long after your time at our Colorado car dealership is complete. Ask your Urban Motors sales representative any questions about the protection plans and extra accessories that we have to offer!

Show Off Your New-To-You Vehicle - We love making you feel great about your vehicle shopping experience! After you have finished the purchasing process and have the keys to your new-to-you vehicle, we like to show off our new customers via our Instagram page. For 24 hours after your purchase, you get to be sponsored on our Instagram story for everyone to see. We also have free swag that we provide once your purchase has been completed so you can remember the special buying experience you had at our Denver dealership.



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